Introducing our registration team

We are looking forward to welcoming you to UCD on July 7th.

Jason O’Toole (UCD), Julia O’Connell (TCD) and Mark Ronan (UCD) will be helping out during the Conference. I thought it might be useful to introduce each of them to you ahead of the conference.

Photo - Jason O'TooleJason is a postgraduate student in UCD exploring the discourse of sexuality  in early modern literature with particular emphasis on the sense of touch. His work investigates whether early modern sexuality fragments into sanctioned procreation through marriage, an outcome of sexual touch, and proscribed acts of sexual pleasure for recreation. Julia

Julia is a third-year PhD candidate in English Literature at Trinity College Dublin. She is currently working on a comparative analysis of the representation of grief in late-medieval English and French Literature written during the Hundred Years War. She has previously studied at Durham and Glasgow universities.

Mark RonanMark is a PhD candidate with the School of English, Drama and Film UCD. Research area: articulations of appetites, agency and addiction in pre-modern literature, with particular focus on late-medieval and early modern English verse.

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