EBS Programme July 7th to 11th

UCD Crest

All events take place in the Sutherland Building, UCD, unless otherwise stated.

Lunch and Dinner will be served in the College Campus Restaurant.

Tea, Coffee and Wine Receptions will be served in the Atrium.

Important Information: On Tuesday, we have organised a number of visits to research sites in the city. You will need to book the visit of your choice. All of the sites have limited places, some more than others. See below (active link ‘here’) to make your selection and access the online booking form, which will process requests on a first-come-first-served basis. Once each selection is fully booked, it will automatically close.  I have also posted information on the trips on a separate post in this website.


12:00 onwards Sign-in (Atrium, Sutherland Building, UCD)

(Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided)

 2:15 Welcome                        William Fry Lecture Theatre

Niamh Pattwell, University College Dublin; Brendan O’Connell, Trinity College Dublin; Martha Driver, President of the Early Book Society.

 2:30 Parallel Sessions

I Cross-Cultural Reference and Exchange   Room: L249

Chair: Michael Kuczynski, Tulane University

  1. Julia Mattison, University of Toronto

‘Old French in the cloisters, preserving French verse in fifteenth-century England’

  1. Jaclyn Rajsic, Queen Mary University of London

‘Trinity College Dublin MS 505 revisited: networks within and between genealogies’

  1. Lydia Zeldenrust, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York

‘Reconsidering patterns of cross-cultural exchange: European bestselling romances in late medieval Britain and Ireland’

II Compilation and Adaptation                     Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: J. D. Sargan, Toronto University

  1. Cosima Gillhammer, Trinity College, University of Oxford

‘Strategies of compilation in late Middle English: a case study’

  1. Thomas Kittel, St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford

‘Revision and contact between Piers Plowman and The Prick of Conscience

  1. Aline Douma, University of Groningen

‘British Library, Royal MS 17 D.XV: A War of the Roses compilation’

4:00 Refreshments                           Atrium

4:30 Parallel Sessions

III New Discoveries                           Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Heather Blatt, Florida International University

  1. Sebastian Sobecki, University of Groningen

‘Hoccleve’s exit: a new context for the Series

2. Linne Mooney, University of York

‘More manuscripts written by Thomas Hoccleve and what they tell us of his life’

  1. Joseph Gwara, U. S. Naval Academy

‘Who printed Huon?’

IV Print Reception                            Room: L249

Chair: Daniel Sawyer, Merton College, University of Oxford

  1. Maura Giles-Watson, University of San Diego

‘Wynkyn de Worde’s Flores of Ovide De Arte Amandi and Henrician neo-Ovidianism’

  1. Devani Singh, St John’s College, University of Oxford

‘Old words and old books: early modern corrections in Chaucer manuscripts’

  1. Tamara Atkin, Queen Mary University of London

‘William Powell’s Books: A 1553 Inventory of Printer’s Stock’

6:00 Welcome Wine Reception                   Atrium

Prof. John McCafferty (UCD), Chair of the Irish Manuscripts Commission to offer a few words of welcome

 6:45 Dinner                                       College Restaurant


 9:30 Parallel Sessions

V Texts in Context                                          Room: L246

Chair: Helen Dixon, UCD

  1. Kathryn Peak, St Cross College, University of Oxford

The Boke of Coumfort of Bois: its place in the codex and its role in a shared scholarship’

  1. Shona Harrison, University of British Columbia

‘To leve yn pees and gete the a good name’: reading between the texts of the late- medieval household miscellany BL MS Cotton Caligula A.ii, part 1′

  1. Oleksandr Okhrimenko, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

‘From Italy to early modern Ukraine: medieval codex on alchemy and its receptions’

VI Reports from the Field: Scholarly Projects           Room: L249

Chair: Sonja Drimmer, University of Massachussetts

1 Heather Blatt, Florida International University

‘Memorializing material books’

  1. S. C. Kaplan, Rice University

‘Women books owners in late-medieval Francophone Europe (1350-1500): a digital humanities project’

  1. George Greenia, William and Mary

‘Trudging to Santiago: written culture in Medieval Spain’

VII Textual Form and Content                                 Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Sebastian Sobecki, University of Groningen

  1. Susanna Fein, Kent State University

‘Designing English: early Middle English verse on the page in Oxford, Jesus College MS 209’

  1. Steve Rozenski, University of Rochester and Géraldine Veysseyre, Sorbonne University, Paris

‘Multilingualism in the preface to Brother Hans’s Songs for Mary: conception, production, and expected audience of the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg, MS Deut. O.v.XIV.1′

  1. Stephanie Lahey, University of Victoria

‘British Library, Lansdowne MS 348: situating devotion in a professional corpus’

 11:00 Refreshments                         Atrium

 11:30 Parallel Sessions

VIII Authorial Identities                                            Room: L249

Chair: Darragh Greene, University College Dublin

  1. Joel Fredell, Southeastern Louisiana University

‘John Gower and laureate portraits’

  1. Tatsuya Nii, Keio University

‘Reading Lydgate’s paraliturgical lyrics in Shirley’s MS’

  1. Stacie Vos, University of California San Diego

‘The “Aulter” and the “Booke”: William Caxton, the rhetoric of preaching, and print’

IX Caxton                                                      Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Brendan O’Connell, Trinity College, Dublin

  1. Holly James-Maddocks, University of York

‘Illuminated Caxtons and the trade in printed books’

  1. Mayumi Taguchi, Osaka Sangyo University

The Golden Legend: Caxton’s stories of the Bible’

  1. A. S. G. Edwards, University of Kent

‘A copy of Caxton’s Golden Legend and its implications’

 1pm Lunch                 College Restaurant

 2:15 Parallel Sessions

X Practical Texts                                            Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Raluca Radulescu, Bangor University

  1. Katherine Hindley, Nanyang Technology University

‘The materiality of manuscript charms in medieval England: ink, support, and alphabet’

  1. Valerie Allen, John Jay College, CUNY

‘Recreational Math’

  1. Julia Boffey, Queen Mary University of London

‘Blogging banquets: the transmission of bills of fare in some late medieval English manuscripts and printed books’

XI Propaganda and Politics                                                 Room: L246  

Chair: Wendy Scase, University of Birmingham

  1. Masako Takagi, Kyorin University, Tokyo

‘John Hardyng’s spying mission and his historical writings’

2. Carole Meale, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol

‘Letters and papers as social currency in the late Middle Ages: the Trevelyan collection’

XII Circulation and Transmission of Devotional MSS      Room: L249

Chair: Géraldine Veysseyre, Sorbonne University, Paris

  1. Michael Sargent, Queen’s College, CUNY

‘The Manuscript Circulation of The Scale of Perfection: The Evidence of Dialect and Provenance.’

  1. Florence Bourgne, Sorbonne University, Paris

‘Framing lines in the Desert of Religion

  1. Brenda Dunn-Lardeau, Université du Québec à Montréal

‘The Fragasso Hours, a hitherto unknown Book of Hours’

 3:45 Refreshments

 4:15 Plenary Lecture I                     Venue: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Margaret Connolly

Speaker: Michael Kuczynski, Tulane University

‘The Sociability of the Macro Manuscript’

5:45 Wine Reception and book launch                  Atrium

 6:45 Dinner                                                               College Restaurant

 7:30     Option to chat, gather for drinks (buy your own)                        UCD Clubhouse



9:00 Parallel Sessions

XIII Mapping Networks                                            Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Linne Mooney, University of York

  1. Wendy Scase, University of Birmingham

‘Scribal signatures and scribal networks’

  1. John Thompson, Queen’s University of Belfast and University of Glasgow

‘Pseudo-Bonaventuran networks of religious reading – opportunities and consequences’

  1. Hope Johnston, Baylor University

‘ ‘Following Chaucer: mapping a network of early printed books’

 XIV Theoretical Approaches                          Room: L249

Chair: Martha Driver, Pace University

  1. J. D. Sargan, University of Toronto

‘Living in manuscript time’

  1. Daniel Sawyer, Merton College, University of Oxford

‘The books we lack’

10:30 Refreshments

 11:00 Parallel Sessions

XV Brigittine Book Production and Readership     Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Julian Luxford, University of St Andrews

  1. Veronica O’Mara, University of Hull and Virginia Blanton, University of Missouri-Kansas City

‘”Friends of friends”: the circulation and adaptation of a collection of saints’ lives in Latin and Middle English’

  1. Julia King, University of Bergen

‘Beyond Margaret Beaufort: lay women, book production, and Syon Abbey’

  1. Patricia Stoop, Universiteit Antwerpen

‘Women’s convents as communities of learning and their role in the transmission of knowledge in the medieval low countries’

XVI Marginal Commentary               Room: L249

Chair: Rhiannon Purdue, University of St Andrews

  1. Ezra Horbury, University College London

‘Arguing from the margins: editorial dissent and communities in biblical notes’

  1. John Scattergood, Trinity College Dublin

‘Politics and the copying of Trinity College MS 73’

  1. Anamaria Gellert, University of Padova/British Institutes Padova

‘”Now is it bihovely thyng to telle which been the sevene deedly synnes”‘: the Parson’s treatise on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Pictorial Cycle of Vices and Virtues in CUL Gg.4.27’

 12:30   Lunch

 1:45     Buses depart for the City

 2:30 Parallel Sessions (TCD & RIA, Edward Worth Library)

 Please select the research visit of your choice here

 XVII TCD Special Collections, led by Brendan O’Connell and Katherine Zieman (max 25)

The Library has kindly allowed us to display a small number of manuscripts and early printed books. Brendan O’Connell and Katherine Zieman will offer an overview and there will be opportunity for closer viewing, subject to the usual restrictions.

XVIII Royal Irish Academy Special Collections, led by Siobhan Fitzpatrick RIA (max 50)

A specially selected collection of manuscripts from the fourth to the twelfth centuries and a number of incunabula will be on display for the EBS group. One of the curators will talk us through the selection. In addition, delegates can enjoy the exhibition about Thomas Moore (nineteenth-century poet and songwriter), which will be on display in the Academy also at that time. There is a very short walk between TCD and the RIA, with ample selection of coffee shops.

XIX Guided visit of the Book of Kells and Long Room. Extra cost €11, payable in cash on 7th July at registration.

XX Guided visit of the Edward Worth Library (max 23). The pre-booked bus will drop any delegates, but it will require a return trip on the Luas (Dublin’s light rail system). We will provide tickets for the Luas, based on bookings made by the 30th of June.

Elizabethanne Boran will offer a guided tour of the Edward Worth library, which specialises in medical and scientific publications arising from the interests of the connoisseur book collector, Dr. Edward Worth (1676-1733). One of the attractive features of this library is that the original setting of the collections is as it was in the 1730s. On display will be a special exhibition of some of the treasures of Worth’s collection. Elizabethanne will also be available on Thursday afternoon, 11th July, for anyone staying around for the optional trips.

 3:30 Free time to pick up coffee/move between venues

 4:15pm Plenary Lecture II               Venue: Neil Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub

Chair: Martha Driver, Pace University, New York

Speaker: Margaret Connolly, University of St Andrews

The Social Lives of Medieval Books’


5:45pm Croquet in Trinity

6:45pm Everyone is free to enjoy dinner in the city (I will post a list of restaurants on Conference Website)


9:30 Parallel Sessions

XXI     Illustrations in religious manuscripts                       Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Virginia Blanton, University of Missouri-Kansas City

  1. Caitlin Branum Thrash, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

‘The social network of a Birgittine manuscript: marginal illuminations and textual additions in London, British Library MS Harley 612’

  1. Julian Luxford, University of St Andrews

‘The Noli me tangere in Gonville and Caius College, MS 343/539: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Blood’

  1. Phillipa Hardman, University of Reading

‘Squaring the Trinity in the Newberry Library Prick of Conscience

XXII Exploring the Archives             Room: L249

Chair: Julia Boffey, Queen Mary University of London

  1. David Watt, University of Manitoba

   ‘The form and function of two Gilbertine fragments at the University of Manitoba’

  1. Zsuzsanna Pallos, Pétér Pázámany Catholic University, Budapest

‘Books as “social media” in the written medieval sources of Hungary’

  1. Carrie Griffin, University of Limerick

‘Mixed media: fragments of William Caxton’s 1483 Book of Fame in the Bolton Library, University of Limerick’

XXIII Paratexts and Other Evidence         Room: L246

Chair: Valerie Schutte, Independent Scholar

  1. Aino Liira, University of Turku

‘Paratextual functions of manuscript and printed marginalia in the Middle English Polychronicon

  1.  Marco Palma (Cassino University); Simona Inserra, Silvia Tripodi, Debora Di Pietro and Francesca Aiello (Catania University)

‘The circulation of manuscripts and incunabula in Sicily between eighteenth and early nineteenth century: a social network among lay and ecclesiastic intellectuals, collectors and dealers’

  1. Ana Sáez Hidalgo, University of Valladolid and Robert Yeager, University of West Florida

‘The Robbins library copy of a 1554 Berthelette Gower: evidence of Catholic ownership?’

 11:00 Refreshments

 11:30 Parallel Sessions

XXIV Circulation of MS and Print              Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: David Raybin, Eastern Illinois University

  1. Sonja Drimmer, University of Massachusetts

‘Off the wall: the circulation of St. Paul’s Tabula chronicle in manuscript’

  1. Hannah Ryley, Pembroke College, University of Oxford

‘Second-hand books and their sellers in fifteenth-century London’

  1. Laurie Atkinson, Durham University

‘”Agreynge well / vnto my bokes all’: De Worde, Stephen Hawes, and the improvisation of genre in contemporary English poetry’


XXV From MS to Print: the Impact of the New Media on the Dissemination of Classical, Religious, and Civic Legislative Texts in 15c Italy                                      Room: L246

Chair: Lydia Zeldenrust, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York

  1. Antonella Mazzon, Roma nel Rinascimento

‘Manuscripts and printed books in the Roman convent of St. Agostino in the fifteenth century’

  1. Alessandro Pontecorvi, Roma nel Rinascimento

‘Manuscripts, incunabula and reforms: the case of the statutes of Rome’

  1. Helen Dixon, University College Dublin

‘Who reads Diogenes Laertius’ Lives of Eminent Philosophers in the fifteenth century? Ambrogio Traversari’s Latin translation          of the Lives from manuscript to print’

1pm Lunch

2:15 Parallel Sessions

XXVI Religious Texts/illustration/shape      Room: L249

Chair: David Watt, Manitoba University

  1. Mary Dzon, University of Tennessee

‘Threats of God’s three arrows in late-medieval English manuscripts’

  1. Karen Blough, SUNY Plattsburg

‘Adoption, adaptation, and subversion of Christian motifs in the First Darmstadt Haggadah’

XXVII Tudor Books               Room: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: Michael Sargent, Queen’s College, CUNY

  1. Sarah Wilma Watson, Haverford College and Elizaveta Strakhov, Marquette University

‘Westminster Library MS 21: A Material Node in a Social Network’

  1. Valerie Schutte, Independent Scholar

‘Representing sovereignity: books and manuscripts related to Prince Arthur Tudor’

  1. Sarah Baechle, University of Mississippi

‘”Comforthe ys non alone to be”: sociability and social formation in the Welles anthology’

3:45 Refreshments

 4:15 Special Session on Fragments                       Venue: William Fry Lecture Theatre

Chair: A. S. G. Edwards, University of Kent

Panel: Margaret Connolly, Carrie Griffin, Niamh Pattwell, Daniel Sawyer, Barbara Shailor, David Watt

5:45     EBS Business meeting        Venue: William Fry Lecture Theatre

6:15     Free Time

7:00     Travel to restaurant

7:30     Banquet at Avalon Restaurant, Donnybrook


9:15 Optional Trip to the city to view material in Marsh’s Library or Chester Beatty, concluding with lunch in the Silk Road Café in the Chester Beatty. We will arrange to store luggage somewhere in the city so that people can continue on to the airport that evening. Don’t forget to register online (separately) for the optional trip. We are charging €30 to cover transport and lunch. For those visiting Marsh’s library, there is a twenty-minute stroll back to the Chester Beatty library. Those of you not rushing for a flight might like to visit nearby Christ Church Cathedral or Dublin Castle after lunch or the Edward Worth Library.

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