To Tweet or not to Tweet

Social Media Guidelines, Early Book Society Conference

(with thanks to Carrie Griffin, our social media administrator at EBS)

Conference Hashtag: #EBS19; Society Twitter Handle @EBS
Facebook: @EarlyBookSociety

We have prepared a set of best practice guidelines for using social media (specifically Twitter) during the EBS 2019 conference at University College Dublin. Twitter is a great tool for publicising conference activity, allowing members of the wider community to follow what is happening and offering insights into specific papers and wider trends. It has been shown that Twitter can also have a positive impact on citations.

However, not everyone may be comfortable with having snippets from or responses to their research Tweeted, and some delegates may not wish to have pictures posted on social media. For that reason we ask delegates to adhere to the following guidelines:

For speakers

-Indicate to your panel chair your preferences for live tweeting before the panel begins;

-specifically, please mention if you do not wish to have images posted on social media;

-if you are OK with Tweeting, please include your Twitter handle and affiliation on your first slide so that audience members can tag you;

-consider preparing a Tweet to summarise main points of your paper that you can send out before panel begins; this can then be retweeted.

Speakers may also indicate whether they wish the audience to take photos of their Powerpoint slides.

For the audience

-Be respectful when Tweeting, and please honour individual requests for no Tweets;

-if Tweeting, include the Twitter handle of the presenter as well as their institutional Twitter handle (if appropriate), as well as the conference hashtag;

-try to share general information rather than specific details about research;

-if in doubt, don’t Tweet and don’t take photos of slides!

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